Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.1

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Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.1


Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.1 can be installed with binaries pre-compiled by Visual C++ 2008 using the Installation Procedure under Windows platform only.

See Release Notes for details on content of the release.

Download Open CASCADE Technology installation procedure for Windows: (67 944 320 bytes)

Extract the files into any directory and open the readme.html file if you need help.

Download Open CASCADE Technology Doxygen documentation installation procedure for Windows:

OCCTDocumentation651.exe (97 700 836 bytes)

The source package of Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.1 (including documentation, source files of samples and a set of building procedures) is available for Unix and Windows platforms. The building tools are delivered in the form of Visual C++ Projects for Windows platform and a Makefile procedure for Unix platform.

Download Open CASCADE Technology source package, tgz archive:

OpenCASCADE651.tar.gz (213 777 485 bytes)

Please contact us for more information.


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