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2005-06-01GIT Success Story
2005-05-184M Success Story
2005-04-15Rina LH3D-3H Success Story
2005-03-17Open CASCADE Express Mesh
2004-07-16Open CASCADE Technology version 5.2
2004-07-05MIDAS IT Success Story
2004-06-29OPEN CASCADE at isiCAD 2004
2004-06-01Maintenance releases are now available to every customer!
2004-03-15OPEN CASCADE at MICAD 2004
2003-12-15Announcement of maintenance releases
2003-08-07Open CASCADE version 5.1
2003-07-22Open CASCADE keeps ahead of using STEP in CAD and Analysis
2003-07-02DL-workbench: a meta-model driven ontology manipulation tool
2003-05-23Open CASCADE version 5.0
2003-03-06A new European leader in numerical simulation
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