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2012-04-27Download Center page has been updated
2012-04-24Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.3 is available for download!
2012-03-30Official OCCT Git repository is available!
2012-03-26New Forum Structure
2012-01-24FAQ section updated
2011-12-19OPEN CASCADE Uses Intel Parallel Studio XE to Introduce Parallelism into SALOME SMESH Module
2011-12-12Opening the Development of Open CASCADE Technology
2011-12-12Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.2 is available for download!
2011-06-24CEA - GUITHARE Success Story
2011-06-16Becoming more and more open!
2011-06-16Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.1 is available for download!
2011-05-03DBM Reflex - SIMOPTIC Success Stroy
2011-04-19OPEN CASCADE uses GPUs to accelerate CAD applications
2011-03-25Recent updates of
2011-03-16OPEN CASCADE uses Intel® Threading Building Blocks for multi-threaded optimization of its CAD/CAE software development platform
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