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SALOME Interview

Pierre Bruno, CEO of Open CASCADE, has been interviewed by French journalist Pierre Berger, former editor of "Le Monde Informatique", who asked three key questions about the SALOME project.

For the weekly newsletter, "ASTI Hebdo", targeting around 200 directors of research and development in France, journalist Pierre Berger spoke recently with Pierre Bruno of Open CASCADE to know more about how different research entities and industrial companies collaborate on the SALOME project.

Piloted by Open CASCADE, the SALOME development platform is oriented towards scientific calculation, in particular numerical simulation with a "multi-physics" approach. Since the Open CASCADE company incarnates a long tradition of cooperation between public research and private industry, the journalist wanted to know how these two different ways of operating and two different cultures manage to get along together. For Pierre Bruno, the success of a project like SALOME is due in large measure to working with totally accessible source code, shared among the participants and supported with personalized services.

Cooperation and integration are at the heart of SALOME, which allows reusing resources and code to the benefit of all participants, ensuring shorter development time and greater overall economy.

In answer to the question, "What is the interest of a project like SALOME for your company?", Pierre Bruno explained that a platform of this type is of growing interest to industry. Whereas SALOME 1 brought together nine main partners and used 25 developers during two years, the recently labeled SALOME 2 project will unite 21 partners and will mobilize 27 developers for three years.

The complete article (in French) will be on-line Monday, October 14 at:

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