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Plug and Play with the New e-Viewer

Created to visualize and exchange CAD data via Internet, the Open CASCADE e-Viewer is now available for downloading.

A handy tool for visualizing and exchanging CAD data, the new e-Viewer easily integrates into Web applications such as on-line product catalogs.

The ready-to-use e-Viewer is particularly well adapted for visualizing CAD models and sharing data with colleagues, partners and customers.

Used with Netscape, Internet Explorer or Opera browsers, the e-Viewer includes: standard formats for import and export - IGES, STEP, BRep, STL, VRML (export only); visualization and dynamic modification of the 3D view; and modification of model display properties (color, shading, wireframe mode, transparency).

To help users enrich the e-Viewer with more extensive Open CASCADE technology, the Open CASCADE company provides dedicated services to:
- add native data exchange interfaces
- add specific functionality for building on-line models
- include shape healing capabilities for analyzing, correcting and customizing CAD data
- extend operating system coverage to Linux or Unix.

You can see the e-Viewer page at:

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