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An Engine for SALOME

In order to better integrate the different steps of the numerical simulation process in the SALOME platform, the CEA and EDF R&D are in charge of developing a supervisory engine for the different calculation components.

The SALOME project aims to propose a solution for better integration of the different links in the numerical simulation chain: CAD and meshing tools, solvers, visualization of results. The SALOME platform thus provides a framework for executing the different calculation components, one that covers the entire simulation process from data modeling to presentation of results.

The CEA, in collaboration with EDF R&D, is in charge of building a supervisory engine that allows piloting the execution of these numerical components. In addition to contributing to the SALOME project in other areas, Open CASCADE helps the CEA with this supervisor and is implicated from the specification phase to final validation.

Open CASCADE's contribution concerns the Load Manager, the Launcher and the Supervisor Kernel components, as well as event management (utilization of the notification service). Work includes participating in the final phase of supervisor specification and in component design, followed by the creation of a first operational prototype and the delivery of a complete version of the components.

Integrated within the SALOME environment, the supervisor will allow specifying a calculation schema and executing it so that resources are used in an optimal manner; at the same time, it provides visualization, surveillance and intervention on the calculations in progress. The supervisor is being developed in parallel with a user interface that allows defining a calculation schema and piloting its execution.

Component development respects the choices of the SALOME project in terms of technology, co-development partners, open-source development environment, software architecture and hardware and software configuration.

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