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ENSAM Project Based on SALOME

For their end-of-year project, eight ENSAM students have carried out studies on the use of SALOME to simulate nuclear reactor functioning and to analyze the effect of ocean movement on an offshore platform.

Under the direction of professors Guy Ishomin, Gérard Coffignal and Monique Blanc of the ENSAM engineering school in Paris, eight second-year students from the ENSAM branches in Aix, Bordeaux, and Metz will present their project on numerical simulation using the SALOME platform on June 27th in Paris. Based at the ENSAM in Paris since February, the students are Olivier Biancalana, Gian Lemmer, Julien Plumet, Yves Rogez, Stéphane Saintourens, Alexandre Stoehr, Hervé Tichkiewitch and Benoît Wissemberg.

The project reflects the professional orientation of the students towards future work as mechanical design engineers. It was carried out in the ENSAM laboratories and in partnership with Principia (software edition), the CEA (energy) and the IFP (petroleum).

The students were divided into two groups of four participants for studies at the CEA and at Principia. The CEA study centers on the simulation of an accident within a nuclear reactor. For Principia, the goal was to determine the influence of sea swell on an offshore platform and the barge that transports it. Both of these studies are typical of analyses that cannot be done on physical prototypes and must be carried out using numerical simulation tools. SALOME provides a generic platform for linking CAD model data with different numerical solvers, thereby enabling a major reduction in model preparation time while optimizing solver use.

A third area of the project investigated the use of interactive virtual reality tools for research and development to answer the needs of industrial companies for shorter time to market, as well as lower costs for product industrialization, training and maintenance.

A complete glossary of terms rounds out the project site.

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