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Results of the Satisfaction Survey

The participants in our survey on Open CASCADE services very much appreciate the open-source approach to the product and suggest that the main area to improve is the quality of information about the components.

On May 16th, we sent out an e-mail inviting a representative sample of our customers to click on a URL giving access to a list of questions centered on their appreciation of Open CASCADE services.

We received answers from all over the world: the U.S., France, Germany, the U.K., Japan, India, Chile, Finland, Turkey and Canada. The majority of responses came from industrial companies, the others from universities, software editors and OEM's.

Overall, we were graded rather well, with an average of 3 and 4.5 out of a maximum of 5.

In addition, these customers indicated a certain number of areas where they would like to see improvement. To summarize their wish list:

- provide more documentation, samples, and tutorials

- provide a native English speaker for technical support

- give more detailed information about specific developments

- provide data exchange between Open CASCADE and CATIA V5

- write a book on 3D modeling

Generally speaking, the persons who responded find that Open CASCADE is a very good product, based on a very constructive and positive approach, and most of them would recommend it for application development.

If you were invited to participate in the survey but have not yet done so, it is still possible to give us your feedback. You'll receive an Open CASCADE backpack for taking a few minutes to answer the questions.

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