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Shape Healer


Shape Healer Corrects CAD data

The new Shape Healer component answers user requests for an easy way to obtain high-quality import of data in standard exchange formats and will be available soon for ordering from the Web site.

Designed to recover, improve, exchange and reuse model data in standard formats, Shape Healer brings advanced Open CASCADE functionality to end users looking for improved data quality in a multi-CAD environment. In addition, CAD experts can also use Shape Healer to modify data according to specific constraints, for example to adapt a surface for easier algorithmic processing.

Shape Healer allows importing and exporting models in standard formats (STEP, IGES and BRep). Once the model is imported, visual indicators identify problem areas, such as faulty edge orientation, shell face orientation, open boundaries or self-intersecting wires. To improve data quality, Shape Healer provides functions for closing gaps on faces, correcting the model (orientations, curves on surfaces, etc.), sewing non-connected faces to create a shell and customizing surfaces (continuities, splitting, converting, etc.) for use in downstream applications.

Shape Healer also detects and analyzes topological validity, shell face orientation, tolerance and the number of unique and shared sub-shapes.


Industrial companies and software editors will find that Shape Healer is an effective, low-cost solution for obtaining a CAD model that is easier to use. For these users, the Open CASCADE development team proposes a wide range of services for expanding data exchange possibilities and facilitating interoperability by linking native interfaces with each other. The development team can also enrich and expand manual and automatic data healing capabilities with the other advanced data exchange, shape healing and canonical recognition components from Open CASCADE.

Prices for Shape Healer start at 750 euros per seat for 10 users or under and are even more advantageous for larger user groups. Details on pricing for advanced components and development services will be available next week.

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