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RNTL Approves SALOME 2

With a membership that has grown from 9 to 21 participants, this major initiative reflects growing industrial interest in an
open-source framework to integrate CAD and numerical simulation. SALOME 2 allows the partners to capitalize on their expertise and investments in numerical simulation while providing strategic independence.

Led by the Open CASCADE company, a coalition of partners representing leading industrial companies, specialized software editors and research organisms in the aeronautics, automotive, energy, electrical engineering, naval, geosciences, petroleum and building sectors, will join forces to enrich the original SALOME platform and to increase its international promotion. SALOME, an open-source framework developed with Open CASCADE components, provides the base for building pre- and post processors for the specific solvers used by the different project members.

By enabling CAD interoperability and providing a multi-physics environment, SALOME allows building more efficient simulation solutions. Thanks to these solutions, industrial companies can achieve greater product quality in less time with enhanced market competitiveness.

Approved at the end of April by the French National Network of Research and Innovation in Software Technologies (RNTL), the SALOME 2 project represents 975 developer/months provided by the partners. SALOME 2 modules include CAD data preparation for analysis, meshing, physical properties, and graphical post-processing of results. Among the features to be added are supervision of distributed computation, supplementary mesh-generation algorithms, a material databank and analysis data management capabilities.

With an eye to the long term, one of the key exploratory actions is to study the application of virtual reality techniques to the postprocessing of results. This action is driven by INRIA and CEA/LIST and is based on the PERF-RV project.


The SALOME 2 production model is based on the mutualization of individual developments. Each of the eight platform modules is driven by one partner with contributions from the others. As a specialist in the integration of CAD with specific pre- and postprocessors, the Open CASCADE company provides technical services via the Web to support collaborative production. These include development environment, source code, fixes, roadmap and information system.

Participating in SALOME 2 allows members to focus on their core competence in physical and numerical simulation, while optimizing their investment in the user environment. They can derive specific pre- and postprocessors for each of their specialized solvers without having to pay license fees for the Open CASCADE source code. Members are free to decide whether derived developments will be Open Source or proprietary.

Since the open-source model on which the SALOME platform is based encourages the spread of results and the adhesion of new contributors to the initiative, current members plan to create a SALOME Club that is open to potential participants.


The founding members of the SALOME project include:

Industrial companies: Bureau Véritas, CEA, EADS, EDF;

Editors: CEDRAT, Principia;

Research groups: INPG/LEG, LIP6;

Service provider: Open CASCADE

Industrial companies participating in SALOME 2 are: IFP, Renault;

Editors: ESI Software, MENSI;

Research groups: BRGM, CSTB, Ecole des Mines de Paris, INRIA, L3S, LJLL Paris 6 and LMA Pau.

GOSET participates in the adoption of the STEP standard in SALOME, specifically as concerns data management.

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