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After re-engineering the ASERIS-FD application, the Open CASCADE team continues work on two other applications used at EADS CCR for simulating electromagnetic phenomena.

Developed in collaboration with TGS, supplier of the 3D-Master Suite™ Java Graphic Library, the ASERIS-FD (finite difference method) application is currently in the final stages of industrialization and testing. Open CASCADE components and the proprietary 3D-Master Suite graphic interface components were used to create the Integration chain that now enables ASERIS-FD to pre- and postprocess simulations on an imported CAD model.

The ASERIS-FD solver is based on a three-dimensional finite difference method and is used, for example, to understand what happens when an aircraft is struck by lightning.

Open CASCADE allows importing CAD model data from different types of modeling software into the application through standard formats such as IGES and STEP. Next, the model data is meshed and exported along with material data to an external solver.

Open CASCADE developers are currently working on ASERIS-HF (high-frequency method) and ASERIS-NET, two other electromagnetic simulation applications used by EADS CCR. ASERIS-FD simulates effects on materials and does not need to take into account the overall topology of the CAD model, whereas ASERIS-HF uses information concerning the electromagnetic nature of the model and requires complete topology. To meet this challenge, the development team implemented an iterative sewing function that displays the topology as it is progressively joined. In this way, the user is able to check whether results are correct and, if necessary, change the parameters from one step to another.

Begun at the end of 2001, the ASERIS-HF and ASERIS-NET projects will enable EADS CCR to gain in productivity by facilitating user interactivity and allowing faster preparation of models for simulation.

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