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Open CASCADE Newsletter in Chinese

In the spirit of Open Source, Qian Ma has generously provided a translation of the Newsletter that should facilitate access to information about Open CASCADE for a large number of our Asian readers.

Thanks to the help of Qian Ma, who has kindly volunteered to translate the Open CASCADE Newsletter, a Chinese version of issue 39 is now available for consultation.

Qian Ma produced the translation as a THML file and tested it successfully with Internet Explorerer 6.0 (Chinese) on the Win98 platform, Mozilla (English) and the Konqueror Web browser (English) on the Red Hat Linux platform. Readers may have to download the Chinese font file from the Web site of MicroSoft to read the text if they use the non-Chinese version of Internet Explorer 6.0.

We are very grateful to Qian Ma for his help and hope that using his translation will make it easier for many of our Asian readers to learn more about Open CASCADE. A link to the Chinese version of the previous Newsletter will be systematically provided in the e-mail we send with each new edition.

To access the Open CASCADE Newsletter No. 39 in Chinese, click here:

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