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Alcatel Space Accepts Delivery of CIGAL 2

Open CASCADE was adopted last August by Europe's Number One prime contractor for space systems to create a new version of its thermal analysis application, CIGAL 2, now ready for internal deployment.

Alcatel Space, a major aerospace company and a world leader in orders for geostationary communications satellites, has just accepted delivery of CIGAL 2, the new version of its CIGAL software, designed for CAD modeling, meshing and visualization of calculation results. The CIGAL 2 project now enters the guarantee period and the application will be deployed internally at Alcatel by the end of the month.

Representing around 300 developer days of work, this phase of the project will be concluded by a hands-on training session that will enable Alcatel users to master the new application

The CIGAL 2 application defines a virtual CAD model that is adapted to Alcatel's in-house CORATHERM solver in order to perform thermal analysis of spatial radiation on a future satellite. CIGAL 2 models the satellite under study, prepares entry data files for CORATHERM processing, then displays the results after calculation. The creation of radiative and conductive variants allows analyzing both types of thermal flow on the model.

Open CASCADE components provide viewing modes for controlling the model before analysis and displaying results, as well as the possibility of including a comprehensive description of geometry organization and properties. In addition, improved meshing functions will dramatically reduce analysis model preparation time.

The Alcatel Space Internet site is:

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