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Open CASCADE Proposes Data Exchange in DXF Format

A new bi-directional DXF / Open CASCADE interface is now available and completes the ACIS / Parasolid suite for the development of interoperable applications.

Intended for importing DXF files to Open CASCADE and exporting Open CASCADE to the DXF format, the new DXF interface handles DXF entities, blocks and graphical attributes. The interface is also able to read DXF entities embedding ACIS bodies (BODY, 3DSOLID and REGION). Users can choose to write Open CASCADE shells and solids either as polyface meshes (pure DXF) or as ACIS bodies embedded in DXF entities.

The DXF interface is able to read DXF files of all known versions (R10 and earlier, R12, R13, 2000, 2002) and write DXF files in R12, R13, R14 and 2000 formats. The Shape Healing component and the Open CASCADE modeling algorithms ensure translation quality by computing the geometrical representation of complex ACIS SAT entities when they are embedded in DXF entities.

A binding warning mechanism and fail messages allow control of errors during translation. A direct interface to DXF data makes it possible to translate objects that are not directly supported by Open CASCADE, such as texts and dimensions.

DXF read and write capabilities work at two levels: BRep (the boundary representation standard for 3D modeling) and XDE (the Advanced Data Exchange module from Open CASCADE). The latter allows processing colors and names, as well as assembly structure, if necessary.

The new DXF interface benefits users by providing direct exchange of data with systems that support the DXF format (AutoCAD, MegaCAD, Microstation, etc.) for Open CASCADE-based applications and can considerably extend the scope and increase the quality and speed of translation. Geometrical data, ACIS bodies, and attributes can be retrieved directly from DXF files, then converted to Open CASCADE objects.

The interface requires no third-party license. A convenient API provides easy integration of the DXF data exchange functionality into existing applications with access through the GUI or through creation of batch operating tools.

If you haven't already done so, send your DXF files now for testing and conversion into BRep files! See the Open CASCADE home page for details:

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