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Challenge Winners Will Present Open CASCADE to the Linux Community

After getting to know each other thanks to the Open CASCADE Developer Challenge, Olivier Comas and Stéphane Routelous of Montreal join forces to spread the good word about Open CASCADE for 3D modeling.

Next Wednesday, December 12, Olivier Coma and Stéphane Routelous, first- and second-place winners in the Open CASCADE Developer Challenge, will present Open CASCADE and free software for 3D modeling to the Linux community of Montreal. The presentation is part of this month's Linux technical meeting, which will take place at seven p.m. in room B-316.1 of the Montreal Polytechnic School.

Olivier and Stéphane will give a brief summary of some CAD tools for Open CASCADE and Linux. To show the possibilities of Open CASCADE, Olivier will demo "samples" from Open CASCADE Version 4.0 and from his prize-winning application for 5-axis machining. For the Linux audience, Oliver has converted from MFC-windows to QT-Linux. Stéphane will talk about his modular application, which proposes standard services and can accept the B-rep creation functions of Open CASCADE through dynamic download of a plug-in.

The monthly technical meetings are free and open to all. They provide an excellent opportunity to discuss the latest news from the Linux world, establish contacts among developers, and hear technical presentations on subjects related to Linux and free software.

For Olivier's description of his application, see:

For the complete Linux technical meeting program, click here:

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