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FLUX Encapsulates Open CASCADE for Extended Data Exchange

FLUX, the CEDRAT company's flagship software, relies on the advanced data exchange functions of Open CASCADE to expand the import of CAD models used for the numerical simulation of electromagnetic and thermal phenomena.

Although basic model geometry can be created directly with FLUX, certain users prefers to carry out their analyses on models from generic CAD systems. So that these users can import geometry from a mechanical CAD model, CEDRAT proposes a number of efficient solutions that range from reading points and lines in the DXF format to reading points, lines, faces and volumes in IGES and STEP formats. FLUX also allows reading facetted geometry (STL format), as well as 2D or 3D meshed geometry (IDEAS UNV format, PATRAN and NASTRAN formats).

CEDRAT development engineers integrated the Open CASCADE modules to enable reading IGES and STEP formats, as well as to facilitate the manipulation of lines previously unrecognized by FLUX and carry out meshing. This integration allows a rapid evolution of the FLUX import capabilities. The next step is to integrate meshing solutions for non-basic surfaces.

CEDRAT recently tested the efficiency of the new tools for IGES import on a customer study using the SolidWorks 2001 service pack 11 version. The rotor model thus obtained could be analyzed directly in FLUX3D. IGES and STEP outputs also work with Pro/ENGINEER, AutoCAD and other software.

Active in the development of electrical devices (motors, actuators, captors, transformers, etc.), from the smallest (micro-generators for watchmaking or computer reading heads) to the largest (particularly in the domain of energy production), CEDRAT is associated to the SALOME project for testing the platform under industrial conditions. The image illustrating this article shows a watch micro-generator tested for SALOME. Activated by wrist movement, this micro-generator produces a current that feeds the electronic elements and the actuators that allow the hands of the watch to work.

A quality-certified reference for the design of electrical or electromechanical devices, FLUX is used in 600 design offices in the automotive, aerospace, electrical construction, telecommunications, household appliances and medical sectors.

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