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Principia Bases Its New Pre-/postprocessor on SALOME

An editor of structural and hydrodynamic analysis software for marine use (offshore and shipbuilding) and an active participant in the SALOME project, PRINCIPIA has decided to adopt the open-source platform for the production of its new-generation pre- and postprocessor.

As a member of the SALOME project, software editor PRINCIPIA develops the graphic postprocessor, like the other partners, following the open-source model.

To create the next generation of its proprietary software ISYMOST for structural and hydrodynamic analysis, PRINCIPIA capitalizes on two important advantages: its trade-specific experience and the expertise tied to participation in the SALOME project. Thanks to development in Open Source, it is possible for PRINCIPIA - and for any other editor of specialized software for numerical simulation - to minimize development costs and time by freely reusing the different modules of the platform.

PRINCIPIA aims to improve the efficiency of the ISYMOST user environment and to reinforce the software's CAD-to-FEM link in order to facilitate the pre- and postprocessing of CAD models from the major commercial systems. ISYMOST functions as the sole interface between these models and the different specialized numerical codes for marine hydrodynamics, fluid mechanics and structural mechanics. The integration of ISYMOST into the SALOME platform facilitates coupled studies between these different codes.

PRINCIPIA's Web site is found at:

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