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First Industrial Tests for SALOME

Five SALOME partners, Bureau Véritas, CEDRAT, EDF, CEA and Principia, will soon test the CAD-to-FEM integration platform under demanding real-life conditions.

At the end of March the SALOME project enters a first testing phase that will allow the validation of on-going developments and the integration of different solvers into the open-source framework based on Open CASCADE that provides a link between CAD data and finite element analysis.

Bureau Véritas and CEDRAT, who helped draw up the original project specifications, will now study integration with their in-house solvers. Bureau Véritas will validate interaction with its structural analysis software, while CEDRAT will test an electromagnetic application. Testing consists in sending CAD data to the solver through the SALOME platform, applying behavioral conditions, analyzing their effect and displaying the results.

Until now, validation was carried out using simple test cases. This will be the first time that SALOME runs under true industrial constraints.

SALOME members EDF, CEA and Principia will also participate in the tests and have been active from the start in the development of the integration platform.

So far, the project is perfectly on schedule and can be followed at:

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