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Caribbean beaches for Oliver Coma


Travel Photos from the Winners

The top winners of the Open CASCADE Developer Challenge have kindly sent us some sunshine from their trips this winter to Mexico and the French West Indies.

Tired of cold, gray winter weather? The two first-place winners of the Open CASCADE Developer Challenge, Robert Boehne and Olivier Coma, are ready to share some tropical sunshine with you through photos of their respective trips to Cancun, Mexico, and Callinago, Guadeloupe.

Olivier Coma was especially impressed with the superb Caribbean landscapes of Basse Terre in Guadeloupe and thoroughly enjoyed the beaches of Grande Terre. His photos are a representative selection of his different activities, which include meeting up with a tasty-looking lobster!

Although Robert also spent time at the beach, he was particularly enthusiastic about a visit to Chichen Itza, the Mayan ruins which are located about 2 hours by car west of Cancun on the Yucatan peninsula. You'll see his shot of the 24-meter-high Kukulkan pyramid, a centerpiece of the ruins. Twice a year at the equinox, visitors from all over the world gather to watch the sun's shadow create the illusion of a snake moving down the pyramid stairs.

Check out the photos here (see the bottom of the page and click on the images to enlarge them):



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