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ACIS and Parasolid Modules Now Available

Thanks to read and write capabilities for data in the ACIS SAT format and read capabilities for data in the Parasolid XT format, developers can build Open CASCADE-based applications to interoperate with applications created using either of these developme

Two stand-alone modules that will enable developers to use data from ACIS Version 7 (SAT format) and from all the 63 Parasolid schemes (XT format) within the Open CASCADE development environment are now available on this Web site. Data imported from ACIS can be re-exported to the ACIS environment after enrichment with Open CASCADE. Other BRep or XDE data from Open CASCADE can also be exported to ACIS. Both the ACIS and Parasolid modules are true interfaces, which means they work independently of other external software such as AutoCAD or SolidWorks.

The great advantage of these new modules is that developers will be able to build applications based on the modeling kernel of their choice, depending on their development strategy and application requirements. Applications thus developed will exchange data readily. Developers can use features from ACIS or Parasolid and Open CASCADE together in the same application. They can pick and choose from either proprietary or open-source features according to their application development needs. They will also be able to migrate an application built on ACIS or Parasolid to the Open CASCADE environment. The overall user benefit will be greater flexibility and enhanced openness.

This type of functionality is particularly interesting for software editors looking to provide broader access to their applications, as well as for industrial developers and researchers working in an environment that requires interoperability between different types of software.

For access to the Parasolid module, click on the URL below. A Web link to the ACIS module will be ready in about two weeks.

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