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Open CASCADE Featured in Le Monde Informatique

In last Friday's article, "Software Engineering and Open Source, the Symbiosis," Open CASCADE is cited as a successful example of how an open-source strategy can contribute to software development and stability.

The January 25th edition of one of France's leading IT publications, Le Monde Informatique, featured a "Trends" section on the spread of the Open Source movement from developers to a much broader audience in research and industry.

In France, this trend is demonstrated by the continued enrichment of open-source technology and by a reinforcement in 2002 of RNTL initiatives. RNTL, the National Network of Software Technologies, was created by the French Ministry of Research in 2000 to promote software engineering projects involving private companies and public research groups.

The INRIA (French National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control) is also active in the Open Source domain. An INRIA engineer, Gérard Vandôme, presides ObjectWeb, which brings together object and Java developments in Open Source. These projects have been launched by the research centers of large companies like France Télécom or Bull. According to Vandôme, "They require high-quality middleware that is independent of a provider (for reasons of security, adaptation, flexibility, etc.)."

Open CASCADE is highlighted as a successful participant in Open Source, typifying contributions that are not necessarily linked to Linux. Jacques Delacourt, President and CEO of Optis, testifies to the company's satisfaction with the evolution of CAS.CADE to Open CASCADE: "Since the opening of CAS.CADE, the number of its users has multiplied and, in parallel, the number of questions raised on the Open CASCADE forum. In this way, we know right away when there is a problem and can be sure that it will be solved faster."

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