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This article on SALOME traces the evolution of the project in parallel with the opening of the source code for Open CASCADE and the development of a services offer around the components.

The chapter on the SALOME project featured in the publication by the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Industry entitled "Industrial R&D: A Key to the Future. Six Outstanding Company Examples" has been translated from the French and is now available in English on this Web site.

According to the author, the SALOME case is "particularly illuminating", since this project has accompanied Open CASCADE's evolution as a provider of services around open-source software. The eight SALOME partners decided that using Open CASCADE software and services was the best way to meet their objective of developing a generic CAD-based application for digital simulation with "high reactivity to market evolutions and customer expectations".

To learn more about why the Open CASCADE offer constitutes a base that is "perfectly adapted to the development of SALOME", click on:

[link::/pdf/newsletter/20020624090545-salome.pdf::The SALOME case]

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