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3D-Workbench Project Receives Label of Approval

Based on Open CASCADE and other open-source libraries, this project aims to build a development middleware for CAD/CAM/CAE that incorporates widely recognized standards and is available in Open Source.

Open CASCADE has just received notification of approval of the 3D-Workbench project by ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement). The nine 3D-Workbench partners include industrial companies (DaimlerChrysler, EADS CCR), software editors (ACATEC, CAD/CAM Concept, CAxOPEN, Samtech), software component providers (Free Field Technologies, Open CASCADE, SINTEF Applied Mathematics, Systems in Motion) and the Institut für Rechneranwendung in Planung und Konstruktion of the University of Karlsruhe.

3D-Workbench will provide a development platform for industrial applications that is independent of major CAD systems, allows application interoperability through standards, and is available in Open Source. Development of this type of middleware will minimize the entrance cost for new CAD/CAM/CAE applications. It will give smaller software suppliers a ready-to-use platform that will allow them to concentrate on adding their specific know-how by providing high-quality software that is compatible with other systems.

Since acceptation of this platform depends on the standardization of components, the 3D-Workbench project participates in task forces from the Object Management Group (OMG), the worldwide organization for software standardization. Open CASCADE is a voting member of OMG and currently works on the CAD Services component. CAD Services allows accessing the geometry and topology of CAD models.

3D-Workbench will also provide a rapid application development environment for testing, viewing via the Web, and managing workspaces connected to a source code control system that facilitates the development of new CAD/CAM/CAE added-value components.

To access the 3D-Workbench home page:

NB: ITEA is a EUREKA Cluster Project and works closely with other EUREKA projects and Framework Programs of the European Commission. ITEA stimulates and supports the development of software technology for the benefit of European industry and plays a key role in coordinating European efforts. EUREKA is a Europe-wide network for industrial R&D whose goal is to strengthen European competitiveness.

To access the ITEA home page:

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