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CollabCAD Version 1.5 Released This Month

Built on Open CASCADE 3.1, this 2D and 3D CAD/CAM and CAE software system from India allows design collaboration in a virtual workspace with video and audio conferencing.

The CAD Group at the National Informatics Center, New Delhi, India, released CollabCAD Version 1.5 in January 2002. This new version is built on Open CASCASDE 3.1 and includes a number of new features such as surface lofting, surface fit over a point cloud, IGES import, print configurator, entity tree editing and a JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) link.

CollabCAD uses a collaborative approach that lets different designers access the same part and work on it concurrently. Designers share a Collaborative Virtual Workspace (CVW) with video and audio conferencing. CollabCAD differs from other CAD/CAM systems through its client - server architecture, voice output for navigation, tutoring tool and J-Python scripting.

The CAD Group plans to release the next version of CollabCAD on Open CASCADE 4.0 in February 2002.

The CollabCAD Version 1.5 demo for Windows can be downloaded free of charge from the NIC Web site at:

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