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EADS Counts on Open CASCADE for the Continued Development of ANATOLE

Research engineers at EADS CCR work hand-in-hand with the Open CASCADE team to produce the new version of ANATOLE software for analysis of tolerance.

EADS CCR has just signed a contract for the development of a new Open CASCADE version of ANATOLE, the company's special software for analysis of tolerance. ANATOLE is designed to cut costs due to geometrical variation of parts during the assembly of an Airbus by calculating part tolerance early in the product development cycle.

ANATOLE Version 2 will take advantage of the new features available in Open CASCADE V4 to enable recovery of STEP files corresponding to CAD models from large assemblies. Open CASCADE developers and experts, headed by Christian Caillet, will use their competence in data exchange to complement the work of EADS CCR specialists in assembly and modeling on the application. This co-development strategy allows a faster and more complete evolution of ANATOLE.

Co-development is based on an open approach to building the new version. According to Nicolas Chevassus, manager of the Product Engineering and IT department at EADS CCR, "We have structured the development work on a choice of assignments, according to the priorities of our overall Assembly project. Open CASCADE adapts to our needs at each stage of the project, providing a highly flexible partnership."

To read about how ANATOLE finds a perfect fit for Airbus, see:

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