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Stéphane Routelous, second-place winner in the Open CASCADE Developer Challenge, explains where he got the idea for his project and how he went about finding a way to make the components more widely available.

Stéphane Routelous of Montreal, Canada, is an Open CASCADE fan who would like to make the software components as easily available as possible to the greatest number of developers.

One of the major obstacles to adopting the components is the fact that many developers have been working on a particular CAD system for quite some time and are very reluctant to rewrite their applications from scratch. This gave Stéphane the idea of developing plugins with the topological components from Open CASCADE to show how it is possible to create others.

How do plugins work? Here is Stéphane's example: "Do you need to download a new version of your favorite browser to be able to see some VRML files? No, you just need to install a VRML plugin and your browser is now 3D-enabled."

Stéphane's plugins are designed to be used in an Open CASCADE application, in an MFC application without Open CASCADE or in a command-line based application.

Read Stéphane's text on the Challenge page.

To see Stéphane's new project on SourceForge:

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