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Home / About us / News / Open CASCADE Develops Cadpak Win Version 3.0 for Mitutoyo

Open CASCADE Develops Cadpak Win Version 3.0 for Mitutoyo

The world's number one metrology company will use the open-source 3D modeling components and Open CASCADE services for the continued development of its CMM software for off-line programming.

Open CASCADE is the software of choice for the next development phase of Cadpak Win, marketed by Mitutoyo as an optional software for the off-line programming of mechanical part inspection. Mitutoyo has ordered development services and maintenance from Open CASCADE for a total of nearly 300,000 Euros, with delivery of the new version scheduled for March 2002. In addition to turnkey development of the Cadpak Win application, Mitutoyo has requested three years of technical support.

Cadpak Win was developed for Mitutoyo's extensive range of Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) and is currently promoted and distributed by the company in France, Germany, Japan, Singapore and the U.K. The great advantage of off-line programming with Cadpak Win is that it optimizes use of expensive machine tool time. While the machine tool functions uninterruptedly in-line, Cadpak Win can be used to enter the co-ordinates of a part which will serve as the model for quality control, using either the same or an independent PC that displays the CAD model.

In the United Kingdom, Open CASCADE collaborates with EADS Matra Datavision Ltd. in a common effort to ensure customer satisfaction for all specific application developments. EADS Matra Datavision is responsible for helpdesk support, technical assistance and training.

For more about Mitutoyo:

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