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Home / About us / News / Optis Joins Optics and Mechanics with Open CASCADE

Optis Joins Optics and Mechanics with Open CASCADE

In the January 2002 issue of the French magazine "Pixel", journalist Mireille Boris describes how Optis of Toulon, France, developed its Speos software, which is based on the company's CSG proprietary kernel and the surface design components of Open CASCA

Created using the surface design components of Open CASCADE, Speos is one of the market's most complete applications for optical photometry and analysis. It simulates the photometric and colorimetric characteristics of light on all sizes of manufactured products, notably on electronic parts for the automotive and aeronautics industries. Examples include dashboard lighting, headlights, cellular telephone screens, optical fibers and airport runway lighting. Speos analyzes, for example, how light is dispersed, where reflects occur or which areas will receive the least light.

Using model data from the main mechanical CAD applications, Speos optimizes light transmission in all types of opto-mechanical devices while taking into account industry norms. Speos can also be used for computer-generated images and reconstitutes the real light spectrum of objects (as opposed to the RGB spectrum normally used on computers). This makes it possible to transcribe a given color and display it under different lighting conditions. The colorimetry module added in 2000 allows forecasting actual color, independently of reflects or iridescence.

Founded in 1989, Optis markets two other specialized applications: Solstis, used for correcting optical fibers in the telecommunications industry, and Light, which simulates indoor and outdoor lighting for architects and civil engineers.

Optis began developing with CAS.CADE in 1997 and continued when the software was released in Open Source. The company currently uses Version 3.1 for continued improvement of Speos.

For the complete article (in French), see:

"Optis Reunit Optique et Mecanique avec Open CASCADE"

For more information on Optis and Speos, see:

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