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Becoming more and more open!

Guyancourt, June 16, 2011

The OPEN CASCADE Company (OCC) welcomes the constantly growing interest of both, its Customers and the Community, to Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT). OCC especially recognizes the constant efforts of its Customers and the growing strength of the Open Source Community to improve OCCT.

Consequently, OPEN CASCADE SAS is pleased to announce its decision to move towards open development of OCCT and to make all certified OCCT versions including intermediate maintenance versions publicly available to all OCCT users.

In the context of this project, OCC intends to gradually provide the entire Open Source Community with common tools and procedures for organizing collaborative work of our developers and external contributors.

We are pleased to take the first step and to publish maintenance release 6.5.1 expected by our Customers. From now on all further OCCT versions certified by OCC will be available through simultaneously to all OCC Customers and the Open Source Community.



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