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DBM Reflex - SIMOPTIC Success Stroy

OPEN CASCADE SAS is pleased to announce a new customer success with DBM Reflex.

SIMOPTIC is a light simulation software completely based on Open CASCADE Technology in terms of 3D/2D algorithms (visualization, selection, modeling algorithm, surface reconstruction (SSP), import/export using STEP, IGES, etc.)

Features and Benefits
  • SIMOPTIC speeds up the design of all kind of optical systems like automotive lamps, light guides, fresnel lenses, reflex lenses, high efficiency lenses for LEDsÖ
  • Thanks to Open CASCADE Technology, itís easy to add new optical system tools to SIMOPTIC re-using existing OCC software components without reinventing the wheel.
  • SIMOPTIC greatly benefits from having access to high quality OPEN CASCADE components like SSP and Express Mesh.
  • Each improvement made in OCCT is also an improvement made in SIMOPTIC without any efforts from the Customer's part.

See also: a brief version of DBM Reflex Success Story

Download a detailed and illustrated PDF version of the Success Story:
DBM Reflex Success Story (655.9K)


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