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Open CASCADE Technology & Products ver. 6.4

October 1, 2010

OPEN CASCADE S.A.S. is pleased to announce a new minor release of Open CASCADE Technology & Products (version 6.4). This release introduces almost 150 new features, modifications and bug fixes, over maintenance release 6.3.1.
Open CASCADE Technology 6.4 is now available for commercial clients and major contributors only and after a few months’ delay (presumably in December 2010 for OCCT 6.4) as a public release, available for the whole Open Source community.

Main improvements in this version:

Open CASCADE Technology
  • Accelerated triangulation algorithms in BRepMesh package, due to using Intel® TBB external library for the paralleling tools and the memory manager.
  • Use of freetype and ftgl external libraries for advanced 2D and 3D text visualization.
  • Improvement of algorithms for line-line, line-plane and plane-plane intersection.
  • New quaternion class for definition and manipulation of 3D rotation operators.
  • New interactive object class in AIS package for displaying triangulation encapsulated in Poly_Triangulation object.
  • List of supported Operating Systems and C++ compilers has been updated. Outdated Operating Systems are no longer supported. Please, see the Requirements page for details.
  • New BestFit product, which computes the transformation minimizing the normal distance between the given cloud of 3d points and the given shape.
  • New types of Boolean operations for surface meshes in Open CASCADE Mesh Framework (OMF) product.
  • New methods to read and write SAT data to streams in Open CASCADE ACIS SAT Interface product.

Detailed information is available in Release Notes (PDF).

Please, feel free to contact us for more information.



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