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Open CASCADE Technology 6.4 is coming soon!

OPEN CASCADE SAS is pleased to announce Open CASCADE Technology (OCCT) release plans for the second half of year 2010.

The next version of Open CASCADE Technology is scheduled for release in August 2010.

It will capitalize valuable investments of OPEN CASCADE company, its Customers and OCCT community into OCCT done during the last year and will hold a number 6.4.

Starting from this version, OCCT 6.4, OPEN CASCADE will test a new model of release management: OCCT will be distributed among commercial clients and contributors first and after a few months’ delay (in December 2010 for OCCT 6.4) as a public release, available for the Open Source community.

Our goal behind this is to set up a routine schedule with minor maintenance versions released more often, ideally each quarter.

In this way OPEN CASCADE customers and contributors will enjoy immediate access to the latest stable version (build) of OCCT and commercial products, regularly updated.
Among the list of bug fixes, new features and improvements planned to be included in the upcoming OCCT 6.4 release the following deserve special highlight:
  • As a next step towards multithreaded applications, OCCT will feature some tools for parallelizing code, new memory manager options for efficient multithreading, and parallelization of some computationally intensive code.
  • Display of text in OpenGL Viewer will be completely reworked, making use of FTGL library to provide easy access to all fonts available in the system.
  • Topological Naming will be improved to get rid of some existing current algorithm limitations and extended by several new features including treatment of shape orientations and nested compounds.
  • Reference documentation will be considerably improved, providing better organization and keyword search function.
  • The list of used third-party libraries and certified platforms (OS and compilers) will be completely revised to ensure that OCCT works with the most recent stable versions of those.
  • OCCT MFC Samples will be re-arranged and unified to make their use easier; new sample and relevant documentation for Voxel library will be included.
  • Installation packages on Windows platform will be made much smaller and faster to install, due to the use of InnoSetup installer instead of Java-based InstallShield.
  • WOK module will be separated from OCCT libraries and delivered as an independent OCCT building tool.
  • Renewed e-Viewer, supporting the latest versions of IE and Mozilla-compatible browsers will be included in the binary package.
Our vital objective in this release is to make OCCT friendlier to the users, facilitate its integration with other libraries and use in modern programming environments.

Meanwhile we are constantly working on new interesting features that will be available in future OCCT versions.

We always welcome and consider bug reports and suggestions for fixes and improvements expressed by our customers and users via e-mail, OCCT Forum, or otherwise. We will do our best to consider them depending on our technical capability and availability of resources.


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