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Open CASCADE Technology: Ten Years in Open Source

December 7, 2009

Dear OPEN CASCADE Clients and Open Source Community,

OPEN CASCADE SA is proud to remind you that today is the 10th anniversary of publication of Open CASCADE Technology platform in Open Source. We would like to share the joy of this event and congratulate and thank everyone who maintains our platform and who contributes to its evolution, and especially our clients who use Open CASCADE Technology, for being with us all these years.

Background: In 1999 Matra Datavision made an unexampled decision - it published CAS.CADE in open source on the Internet as Open CASCADE, while focusing on rendering services around it. Read more about OPEN CASCADE history.

The new business model proved to be a success and from Open CASCADE Technology version 3.1 published in 2000 to version 6.3 published in 2008 our platform has been constantly improved and about 20 versions have been issued. The structure of the platform has been revised, becoming much easier to use. All modules of the platform have been significantly improved, new algorithms have been added or optimized, support of new data formats and operational platforms has been introduced.

Now Open CASCADE Technology is capable of providing efficient solutions for 2D and 3D surface and solid modeling with support of parametric approach, visualization of CAD data, meshes and calculation results, data exchange between various CAD and mesh formats, shape healing etc.

The successful evolution of Open CASCADE Technology would not be possible both without cooperation with the worldwide Open Source community and our customers who developed lots of commercial applications on the basis of our platform.

Many companies choose to develop their applications on the basis of Open CASCADE Technology either using their own resources or asking our team of professional developers to assist them, with out Technical Support services and End User specific solutions. Either way, our clients win thanks to open source approach – they always have full access to the source code, have to purchase no licenses and have to pay no license fees or royalties, they invest only into solution of their particular tasks. And they get cost savings too which are even higher in a long perspective. Thus Open CASCADE Technology brings doubtless competitive privileges to our customers, well proven by their advanced positions in the market.

Contact us if you have any particular questions, we will be happy to answer them! 


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