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Open CASCADE development team participates in the Intel® Parallel Studio Beta program

OPEN CASCADE development team participated in the Intel® Parallel Studio Beta program to try its components on applications based on Open CASCADE Technology. The Parallel Amplifier was used to reveal bottlenecks in the most sensitive and complex applications algorithms, and the Parallel Inspector was applied as well to check for memory leaks.

OPEN CASCADE developers used the new tools from Intel® to test an application designed together with one of its customers, a world-wide leader for CNC machines and complete production lines for the furniture industry.
The Amplifier helps software engineers to identify hotspots, the functions where the application spends much time. Sometimes, a simple function can become a significant bottleneck of an algorithm. Why? There may be several reasons, including a great number of calls to that function. It would be difficult to find such a bottleneck without a profiling tool. For example, a function creates a plane using a reference point and a normal vector. This operation admits minimum time for the processor. But actually, because of the great number of calls to this function it significantly slows down the algorithm! Optimization was simple: call the function once and memorize the plane and then, reuse it everywhere in the algorithm.
Several algorithms have been improved using the Parallel Amplifier and Inspector.

  • Overall performance increase has been up to 2x

  • Several memory leakes have been revealed and corrected

  • These improvements integrated into Open CASCADE Technology and the mentioned application have been highly appreciated by the customer. Undoubtedly, this will facilitate strengthening collaboration between the companies.

    Intel Involvement
    Intel® Amplifier and Intel® Inspector were used for the project. Intel representatives answered questions and explained the specificity of the new products.

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