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Open CASCADE 5.2.4

Open CASCADE SA is pleased to announce a new maintenance release of Open CASCADE Technology (version 5.2.4). Maintenance releases are exclusively available to all Open CASCADE customers.

This new maintenance release of Open CASCADE Technology 5.2.4 introduces some new features and bug fixes. Some new features and improvements included in this release are:

- Open CASCADE Technology has been repackaged for better separtion of different modules;
- Open CASCADE Technology is now certified for the gcc 3.4 compiler on Mandrake 10 platform;
- XDE persistence classes have been upgraded to completely support the Std, Xml and Binary persistence;
- OMF (Open CASCADE Mesh Framework) product has been improved in mesh operations, visualisation and data echange with NASTRAN

Detailed information is available in Release Notes (PDF).

Please, feel free to contact us.

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