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Open CASCADE Express Mesh

New Express Mesh tessellates 3D models in almost no time without any loss of quality!
Open CASCADE is pleased to announce a new product - Express Mesh an advanced algorithm for meshing of surfaces represented with BRep shapes.

Express Mesh provides triangular meshing of a Shape containing Faces (Solid, Shell, or a compound of Faces). Each face is tessellated individually, nevertheless providing connectivity between triangles built on connected faces (on faces that share edges).

Express Mesh provides very high performance and a high level of control over mesh quality (as compared to open source BRepMesh algorithm from OCCT). It can therefore be used for applications where the speed of surface meshing is crucial, e.g. collision detection between shapes. Thanks to controlled element size and quality the final generated mesh can be also used in some FEA applications. Due to the high speed of triangulation computation it can also be used as an alternative algorithm for visualization purposes.

You can evaluate Express Mesh with the OMF Sample demo application available for free download.

Please, always feel free to contact us for a PDF flyer, further information and pricing.

Read more about Express Mesh at

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