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Open CASCADE Technology version 5.2


Open CASCADE Technology version 5.2

Version 5.2 is available for download

Open CASCADE SA is pleased to announce that a new release of Open CASCADE Technology (version 5.2) is available for public download.

This new minor release of Open CASCADE Technology 5.2 introduces quite a number of new features and improved traditional functionality along with certain changes over the previous public release 5.1 and maintenance releases 5.1.x exclusively available to the customers. This new release brings more opportunities to Open CASCADE users.

Here is just a few new features and improvements included in this release:
  • Open CASCADE now supports MS Windows® XP, Red Hat Linux 8.0 and Mandrake Linux 8.0 !
  • Draw Test Harness has been made a single executable – DRAWEXE with plug-in architecture and dynamically loaded commands;
  • Two new OCAF persistence schemas – XML and Binary – have been added;
  • New component for visualizing meshes- MeshVS;
  • STL streams support has been added;
  • Support of Microsoft .NET has been added and demonstrated with the help of the new C# programming sample;
  • Documentation on Pipes, Offsets has been extended. Java Extractor documentation has been added;
  • Two more Open CASCADE Technology algorithms (Local Operation and 3D Offsets) have been ported to New Boolean Operations thereby gaining better quality and reliability;
  • Text output capabilities of Open CASCADE 3D viewer (Windows platform only) have been extended with the possibility to use texture-mapped fonts as an alternative to traditional bitmap fonts;
  • An important improvement in visualization: now a large number of objects (up to thousands) can be highlighted in the 3d Viewer;
  • XDE (eXtended Data Exchange) reader has ben extended to read information about materials and geometric dimensions and tolerances from STEP files;
  • Various performance improvements especially in STEP and IGES Data Exchange and OCAF.

See also: Open CASCADE version 5.2 Overview (PDF).

Detailed information is available in Release Notes (PDF).

Version 5.2 is available from the Open CASCADE web site at: .

This version is certified on Sun Solaris, Windows and Linux platforms.

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