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result of reading an AP209 file, converted to meshes


Open CASCADE keeps ahead of using STEP in CAD and Analysis

On 1-4 April 2003, in Seattle WA, USA, Open CASCADE participated in the 11th STEP CAX-IF forum. It was the opportunity to get ready for the next coming evolutions of STEP, and to demonstrate our joint work with Airbus about AP209 (STEP for Analysis).

A big trend is to consider STEP as a standard for, not only data exchange, but also long term archiving, in replacement of other supports like paper drawings.

This involves extensions to the data kinds covered by STEP in real use, which have been discussed during this forum. They include huge assemblies, Geometrical and Dimensional Tolerancing (to be tested in next forum TR12J), Materials (discussion is going on), interoperability between data of CAD, PDM, FEA. The result will be AP203E2, a new version to come on end 2003 of AP203, the part of STEP dedicated to CAD mechanical data.

Meanwhile, PDES Offsite (Product Data Exchange Standard Inc.) gave Open CASCADE an opportunity to present its achievements for mapping between FEA model and STEP AP209, jointly with Airbus, including live demos.

The last improvements done by Open CASCADE in its Data Exchange modules concern (1) an extension to XDE to distinguish located components of an assembly (hence allowing to attach to "the third nut-bolt set of the second bracket" a property different from default value for "every nut-bolt set"), (2) coverage of AP209 schema (FEA model) for finite elements including geometries, sections and materials, (3) a global improvement of speed by 20% in average.
These improvements will be integrated in a further version of Open CASCADE.

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