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A new European leader in numerical simulation

Open CASCADE and PRINCIPIA Research and Development join forces to become a European leader in numerical simulation.

PRINCIPIA RD, a scientific engineering company specialized in the solving of complex physical problems through numerical simulation, has finalized the acquisition of the Open CASCADE company, a subsidiary of EADS, specialized in software engineering, notably in the Open Source domain, where Open CASCADE is known internationally.

The shareholders of PRINCIPIA RD (TECHNICATOME, IFP, DORIS Engineering and COMEX SA), as well as the principal users of numerical modeling in France, support this acquisition that will create a company with the capability to develop and capitalize on a strong technological potential. This includes proposing a global offer of R&D, studies, and development in the domain of numerical simulation, both as concerns expertise in physics and software engineering from an open-source platform.

In particular, Open CASCADE's task will be to develop specific solutions using the open-source platform. These solutions will allow companies to greatly improve implementation of their own scientific codes, while conserving a technological advantage and strategic independence in relation to the users and developers of market-leading generic codes.

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