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First Delivery for RINA

On schedule for completion in December, the LH3D-3H project represents 2000 man/days of development and will allow fast, high-quality analysis of transport vessel structure according to RINA's Rules for the Classification of Ships.

In continuation of the Leonardo Hull 3D (LH3D) Project, RINA, an internationally known ship classification company based in Genoa, Italy, has accepted on-time delivery of the first intermediate version of a new software module incorporating Open CASCADE software development components. This new module, named LH3D-3H, allows generating simplified finite element meshes for the structural analysis of tankers, bulk carriers and chemical tankers. It ensures rapid numerical simulation that meets quality requirements and represents a highly efficient replacement of older software.

According to Sauro Gazzoli, New Products and Research Department Manager for RINA, "We rely on Open CASCADE services to facilitate the evolution of new software tools and reduce application development costs." Since Open CASCADE components are available in Open Source, users invest only in services and are able to maintain total control of the development process and the software code.

LH3D-3H allows RINA to speed the approval process and benefits shipyards by providing an easy-to-use tool for validating their 3D models well before production begins. In addition, ship owners will be able to monitor structural performance over the entire life cycle of a vessel and anticipate maintenance support, crucial, for example, in avoiding the disastrous consequences of large-scale oil spills.

The "3H" in LH3D-3H refers to analysis using a "three hold" approach, based on calculations carried out on three ship holds. Calculations follow RINA Rules for the Classification of Ships and assess the ship's structural compliance to these Rules.

The present version of LH3D-3H works on an imported 3D model in the MSC-NASTRAN™ format that represents a coarse mesh of the three holds. The analyst preprocesses the model by adding element properties, such as material, position and stiffeners, and defining the loads to be applied for testing structural resistance. Open CASCADE components provide the graphical interface that enables reading, visualizing and preprocessing the model. Once preprocessing is completed, the enriched data is sent to a NASTRAN solver for calculation and final visualization of results.

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