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AP209 Mapping for Aeronautics

Drawing on its expertise in finite element meshing, Open CASCADE opens the way for researchers in the aeronautics industry to create new specific developments with the STEP protocol for structural analysis.

Following participation in the STEP CAX-IF forum dedicated to the use of STEP in CAD, and which is now considering the related domain of Finite Elements and Analysis (protocol AP209), Open CASCADE has recently had the opportunity to expand its expertise to this area and apply it to an industrial project in the aeronautics sector.

AP209 provides a common format for exchanging analysis data that follows the STEP principles already in use for CAD model data. The Open CASCADE customer project involves the mapping of analysis data to AP209 and the development of modules to treat the information thus encoded. These modules enable checking the analysis data before launching a numerical simulation and include a new graphic viewer for final verification.

Like the SALOME project, work on AP209 involves open-source analysis components from Open CASCADE and proprietary code from the customer. Future availability of the modules in Open Source will depend on the customer.

In the meantime, Open CASCADE continues its other developments with STEP, in particular on the CAD-oriented protocols AP203 (general mechanics) and AP214 (automotive).

The image which accompanies this article shows the analysis viewer interface. Click on it for an enlargement.

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