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Open CASCADE at the RNTL Colloquium

At the annual RNTL Colloquium, held this year in Toulouse, France, on October 23 and 24, Open CASCADE presented the results of the SALOME project and organized the first meeting of the SALOME Club.

During the plenary session of the RNTL Colloquium held on October 24, Michel Rochon of Open CASCADE, Thierry Nkaoua of the CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) and François Besnier of PRINCIPIA Marine presented the results of the SALOME project to an audience of around 150 attendées. SALOME is a CAD-to-FEM integration platform based on open-source software and is used in the production of pre- and postprocessors for numerical simulation.

Later in the day, SALOME project members and other colloquium attendees joined together for the first gathering of the SALOME Club. This provided a unique occasion to meet with the 21 SALOME partners, representing industry, research and software edition, and to see demonstrations by the CEA and EDF (Electricité de France) of the applications derived from the SALOME platform.

On its stand, Open CASCADE also presented two posters describing the organization and goals of the SALOME 1 and SALOME 2 projects in the poster sessions.

The goal of the RNTL (French National Network for Research and Innovation in Technological Software) is to encourage exchange internally, within the organization, and externally, with other research and industrial networks. The current two-day colloquium at Toulouse enabled participants to present and discuss results and technology transfers stemming from the 120 projects launched since the creation of the RNTL in 2000.

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