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Progress in STEP Norms for CAD, PDM and Analysis

From 8-10 October 2002, Open CASCADE participated in the 10th STEP CAX-IF forum in Darmstadt, Germany, presenting the latest advances in reading complex models and a new STEP file viewer for industrial use.

The latest STEP CAX-IF forum provided the opportunity for an update on interoperability between AP203-214 (used for CAD), PDM-Schema (devoted to PDM) and AP209 (Analysis and Finite Elements), with encouraging results on first tests between AP209 and the CAD world.

In order to establish common rules and practices, participants listed issues remaining to be harmonized, as well as user needs in the CAD and analysis domains. These issues concern primarily:
- cases of assembly transfer (partial transfer, designation of a located instance, description of external references on particular cases)
- representation of multiple shapes
- geometrical dimensioning and tolerancing
- material properties

During the test round, Open CASCADE introduced new capabilities for reading multiple representations and assemblies with external references and will follow closely the evolution of the topics listed above.

For the first time, Open CASCADE presented the final version of the "Standard e-Viewer", a plugin for visualizing STEP files in Netscape, Internet Explorer and OPERA. It provoked great interest among forum participants, since it allows industrial players to integrate this type of tool in their STEP approach, and demonstrates the experience and competence of Open CASCADE in using both STEP and Web-oriented technology.

Coming developments will be presented at the 11th CAX-IF/PDM-IF forum in April 2003, coupled with the PDES Offsite meeting.

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