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2015-04-03JT Assistant for Android
2015-02-09Open CASCADE JT Assistant Sources
2015-01-23JT Assistant Linux and CAD Assistant
2014-12-24Open CASCADE JT Assistant
2014-12-18OCCT Applications
2014-11-10Open CASCADE Technology 6.8.0 is available for download!
2014-07-24New features to enhance the development process
2014-04-30Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.1 is available for download!
2013-12-18Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.0 is available for download!
2013-04-22Open CASCADE Technology 6.6.0 is available for download!
2013-03-29Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.5 is available for download!
2012-11-13Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.4 is available for download!
2012-06-19SALOME version 6.5.0. is released.
2012-06-08Check out our collection of advanced samples and tools: new items are available!
2012-05-25OCCT Tutorial has been published by Game Coder Magazine
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