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Success Story: Numeriek Centrum Groningen - NUPAS-CADMATIC 3D

NCG uses Open CASCADE Technology to develop its NUPAS-CADMATIC 3D ship design software. In the process of development standard OCCT import capabilities were extended with the OPEN CASCADE ACIS SAT Import/Export component.

Parallelism in Salome SMESH Module
OPEN CASCADE S.A.S and Intel Corporation software teams decided to join their efforts to introduce parallel calculations into Salome SMESH Module.

Download this press-release in PDF format:
Parallelism in SALOME SMESH (210.6K)

DBM Reflex - SIMOPTIC Success Story

Read about SIMOPTIC - software to speed up the design of all kind of optical systems like automotive lamps, light guides, fresnel lenses, reflex lenses, high efficiency lenses for LEDs. The standard functionality of SIMOPTIC software was enhanced with SSP and Express Mesh - advanced software components available from OPEN CASCADE.

CEA - GUITHARE Success Story

OPEN CASCADE develops GUITHARE: a user interface for pre and post processing of CATHARE code.

OPEN CASCADE uses GPUs to accelerate CAD applications
OPEN CASCADE team investigates the use of OpenCL. This GPU programming language was tested for visualization of a CSG model consisting of thousands primitives and Boolean operations between them. The use of OpenCL allows increasing the visualization performance using multicored GPUs of present-day video cards.

Download this press-release in PDF format:
OPEN CASCADE uses GPUs to accelerate CAD applications (49.7K)

OPEN CASCADE adopts Intel® Threading Building Blocks for multi-threaded optimization of its CAD/CAE software development platform.

Download this press-release in PDF format:
OPEN CASCADE uses Intel® Threading Building Blocks (87.6K)

AREVA NP - Charm Success Story

OPEN CASCADE developed Charm, a 2D & 3D GUI application allowing to define different kinds of fuel assembly geometries in addition to experimental nuclear reactor cores.

Principia - AvPro Success Story

Read about AvPro, an application for ship structure design. OPEN CASCADE provided corrective and evolutionary maintenance of the application using Open CASCADE Technology and its Mesh Framework (OMF) product.

HOMAG - woodWOP 6 Success Story

Read about woodWOP 6, an application initially developed at Homag for the programming of CNC machines in the woodworking industry. OPEN CASCADE developed a new version of the application in which DXF Import / Export was used to provide additional useful features.

Rina - LH3D-3H Success Story

OPEN CASCADE specialists developed Leonardo Hull 3D Three Hold. This software allows generating simplified finite element meshes for the structural analysis of tankers, bulk carriers and other types of cargo ships. It ensures rapid numerical simulation that meets quality requirements and represents a highly efficient replacement of older software.

4M - IntelliCAD® Success Story

4M successfully uses Open CASCADE Technology for development of the 3D Solid Modelling environment in its IntelliCAD® software. IntelliCAD® also uses ACIS SAT Import / Export component for enhancing its Data Exchange capabilities.

Korean Register of Shipping - SeaTrust-Holdan Success Story

Using Open CASCADE Technology and Mesh Framework (OMF), KR developers managed to substantially reduce their efforts in creation of a complex software product for ship classification, SeaTrust-Holdan.

Mahr Multisensor - ActiveX Component Success Story

Using Open CASCADE Technology libraries, Mahr Multisensor created an ActiveX component for Vision 3D application providing a 3D framework for high-precision measurement machines. In this component, the Canonical Recognition product is used in processing of the imported CAD model, and DXF Import / Export interface is integrated for DXF format support.

General Integration Technology (GIT) - ShoeMagic Success Story

Using Open CASCADE Technology, GIT developed ShoeMagic software, an innovative CAD/CAM system for shoe industry.

MIDAS IT - MIDAS/FX+ Success Story

On the basis of Open CASCADE Technology, and assisted by OPEN CASCADE specialists, MIDAS IT developed MIDAS/FX+, an application for complicated finite element mesh modeling. SSP and Canonical Recognition products also used in MIDAS/FX+ added useful modeling functions, and Parasolid XT Import interface expanded its interoperability.

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