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 Open CASCADE Technology, 3D modeling & numerical simulation
 Technical overview
 Foundation classes
 Kernel classes
 Math utilities
 Basic data storage
 Modeling data
 Modeling algorithms
 Geometric Tools
 Geometry Utilities
 Topological Tools
 Construction of Primitives
 Boolean Operations
 Fillets and Chamfers
 Offsets and Drafts
 Hidden Line Removal
 What is Sewing?
 User Parameters
 Main Terms
 Sewing Faces
 Tolerance Management
 Non-manifold Sewing
 Local Sewing
 2D Visualization
 3D Visualization
 Services common to 2D and 3D
 Data Exchange (standardized)
 STEP Exchanges in Open Cascade technology
 Involvements of Open CASCADE
 Case Coverage
 Shape Healing
 Other Shape Healing Functionality
 Extended Data Exchange
 Application framework (OCAF)
 Data Attributes
 Data Storage
 GUI framework
 Development tools
 Areas of use
 3D geometric modeling
 3D graphics
 Pre and post-processing
 CAD/CAM/CAE applications
 Software editors
 Research centers
 Shape factory
 Shape gallery
 Parts of a ball-bearing housing
 Parts of a pump
 Parts of an electric shaver
 Various mechanical parts
 Models made of complex surfaces
 Get it!
 What's new
 System requirements
 Download Center
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.9.0
 Archives of previous versions
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.8.0
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.1
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.7.0
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.6.0
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.5
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.4
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.3
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.2
 Download Open CASCADE Technology 6.5.1
 Public license
 Open CASCADE Technology Public License
 Developer Corner
 Getting started
 Installation Tutorial
 Open CASCADE Installation
 Installation of WOK
 Source code package
 Building modules
 System environment
 What is Draw?
 What is Draw? Example
 Open CASCADE Samples
 My first application
 Profile - defining support points
 Profile - defining the geometry
 Profile - defining the topology
 Profile - completing the profile
 Body - prism the profile
 Body - applying fillets
 Body - adding the neck
 Body - creating a hollowed solid
 Threading - creating surfaces
 Threading - defining 2D curves
 Threading - building edges and wires
 Threading - creation and building the resulting compound
 Open Source community
 Support and Products
 About us
 Company Profile
 Marketing Materials

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